Tales of Tamriel

Errand of the Silvenar

Upon being tasked by the Silvenar to discover the events surrounding the sudden rise to power of the Aldmeri Dominion, our group of adventurers travels to the city of Silvenar to find whatever answers they can, under their previous guise of providing contracts to rebuild the roads between Cyrodil and the rest of the Valenwood area. After the first two days of the three day journey are completed, the group find themselves on the proverbial doorstep of the Aldmeri Dominion, and are greeted by a patrol of heavily armed Thalmor guards. The patrol questions the purpose of their visit, and when informed of the groups intentions, offers to “escort” them to the city. But when the guards brandish manacles for “security purposes” Gregor, outraged, tells them that to deny the party’s liberty in this way is an affront to decency, amongst other, less elegant things.

The party is led into the city of Silvenar, and in marked contrast to Falinesti, find it abuzz with Altmer citizens and heavily armed Thalmor guards. Whatever the reason behind the Aldmeri Dominions’ rise to power, they intend to keep the benefits thereof. The few Bosmer still in the city wear faces of exhaustion, demure and insignificant compared to the haughty Altmer faces passing by. The party is taken to the Embassy in town, a heavily fortified area consisting entirely of Thalmor. The building looks like it was previously a jail, but had been retrofitted to serve a more diplomatic purpose. Sensing an imminent trap, the party defers to remain in the lobby of the embassy rather than be confined to their bolted and barred rooms, for the time being. They confirm the apparent veracity of the contracts of Decumus Scotti and reiterate the tactics they will use to meet with the Thalmor council. Satisfied that they will not be disturbed in their rooms, the group parts for the night to each of their cells, ready to parlay with the council the following morning.

The party is awoken in the early morning to attend the matters of the council and proceed directly to their chambers. The council takes interest in the presence of outsiders, and questions their purpose here. Jadar responds that they are here acting on the behalf of Lord Vanuch’s building commission and are serving as Decumus Scotti’s bodyguard. The council asks to see the contracts which Decumus has brought. After studying the contracts and their terms, the council agrees to support the projects, and gives the party reign to survey the city in order to draw up plans for the new roads. During this discussion, Gregor begins conversation with one of the guards, inquiring as to the overwhelming presence of the Altmer compared to the Bosmer. The guard responds that it is in response to the Thalmor’s contributions to the Oblivion crisis, in which the Thalmor saved the Summerset Isles from destruction by single-handedly stopping the crisis themselves. In order to protect the other – still weak – Mer races, the Thalmor integrated a vast portion of the Bosmer people into their fold, calling themselves the Aldmeri Dominion and pushing ever further out.

Once given free roam of the city, the party ventures out looking for any large concentrations of Bosmer, hoping to interview with a few of them and learn of the presence of the Thalmor in the area. Instead they find that the taverns are filled with Thalmor during their breaks, the streets are busily filled with Altmer and a few scattered Bosmer, and the shops are all staffed with Altmer shopkeepers. During the tail end of the day’s search, the group happens on a barn alight by lamps, and from within they hear the call of music and dance and shouts of mirth and leisure. For the first time in the city, sounds of the Bosmer people.

The adventurers enter into the crowded barn filled to the brim with Bosmer, and immediately Jadar and Peragon begin dancing. Gregor, Sa’tet, and Do’jo look on as a crowd forms around them: Jadar moves with grace gifted only to the feline races and Peragon jaunts around to the traditional steps of his people. After the music fades and the group retires to a corner, they are approached by one elf and his entourage of several female companions. He inquires what brings such a diverse group to the confines of Almderi territory, to which the party responds they are with the building commission. The group asks him and his companions what they think of the Almderi, which arouses in the Bosmer a rankle of ire that last for several minutes and subsides in a tide of curses. Apparently, the Thalmor are less benevolent and more tyrannical than they purport. The Bosmer inquires where they came from, and the party reveals that they came by the way of Falinesti. The Bosmer quickly asks about the status of the Silvenar, adding that his departure was a near necessity due to the nature of the Thalmor occupation. As his powers were becoming usurped more and more by the Thalmor, the Silvenar decided his best course of action was to escape to Falinesti while he still could and seek outside help. Apparently, this group of adventurers was exactly the tool he was looking for.

The group departs from the barn, but as they exit they are approached by an aged man, battle-worn and scarred over, missing one of his arms. He shakes hands with Gregor and congratulates the group on their arrangement with the Thalmor before quickly departing. Gregor looks down in his hand to find a scrap of paper with instructions to meet back at the barn the following sunrise. Not knowing the intentions of the man but curious to discover his motives, the group decides to room in one of the taverns in the town, away from the watchful eyes of the Thalmor. Jadar departs with one of the female companions to her home. During the conversation with the tavern keeper, Do’jo threatens to burn down the establishment if the tavern keeper doesn’t reduce his prices. The Thalmor guards present rise from their seats and inquire if there is any problem. When the tavern owner implies that Do’jo should sleep in the streets the Thalmor guards offer to assist, but Do’jo rescinds his prior remark and makes haste to the Embassy in order to have a place to sleep.

The following morning the group meets back at the barn while Do’jo is held up by a guard insisting to escort him to his destination in the city; Do’jo feigns a hangover and suggests finding his friends on his own due to his uncertainty to their location – along with his propensity to sickness with a hangover. When the party finally arrives at the barn, the man with the missing arm appears and explains that he is part of the resistance movement within the Bosmer people and he would like their help in furthering the movement’s ends. The group suspects that any answers to the reason behind the recent Altmer imperialistic attitude lies in the mainland stronghold, Woodhearth, and with the group’s ability to travel freely within the area of Valenwood, they might be able to investigate the area and turn up any loose ends. He gifts them a signet ring marked with the tree of Falinesti, a symbol of freedom with which the members of the resistance will know them by. The group thanks him, and after some hesitation on the part of Gregor as to whether or not the group has already fulfilled their commitment to the Silvenar, they decide to continue their journey southwest towards Woodhearth.



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