Tales of Tamriel

Meeting with the Decumus Scotti

Our adventurer’s wake from a night of excitement and danger, having just escaped the prison where they began their journey. Upon inquiring the name of the town from the tavern keeper, they find that they are in the town of Arathia, and in a tavern by the name of The Silver Arrow. More importantly, it seems to be the Bosmer celebration of Morningtide, a celebration of the ancestors. Of course, the Bosmer being cannibalistic, that means the meat pies contain their fair measure of Unthrappa. The tavern is in a riotous state, and amid the din Gregor the Nord questions the tavern keeper about any work there might be. The tavern keeper replies that if they’re looking for a job, Decumus Scotti is the one with all the money. He was the one who provided the funds for this feast, and he is the one who has the money flowing out of the town as well.

Gregor and Do’jo the Khajiit approach Decumus while Jadar the Khajiit and Sa’tet the Argnonian feast and booze with the patrons of the bar. Decumus is found lying face down on a table surrounded by untouched meat pies and bread crumbs, as well as several empty mugs of liquor. Upon being roused from his sleep, he informs the group of his intention to travel to the city of Falinesti and meet an acquaintance to travel to Silvenar and complete negotiations for the Building Commision. The group, including Jadar and Sa’tet, who by this time have drunkenly made their way over towards the conversation, agree to escort Decumus provided the pay suffices and the work takes them further from the Cyrodilic Empire. The adventurers seal the contract with a hand shake and make preparations to meet in the morning to leave.



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